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Stamford Dedicated Single Phase Brushless Single Bearing Alternators

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The P0 and P1 Stamford range from Cummins Generator Technologies are new small scale brushless dedicated single phase generators / alternators that work at 5 to 28.5 kVA at either 1500rpm for 50Hz operation or 1800rpm for 60Hz operation.

Suitable to operate as a primary AC power source for standard electrical lighting, household appliances, general small scale residential use and commercial applications. These units provide self excitation / regulation and a stable output with the use of a quality solid state automatic voltage regulator. This simple system minimizes the complexity and has proven reliable in operation.They work for all sorts of engine matches in both single bearing and two bearing configurations, are easy to service and maintain with sealed for life bearings and diodes which are accessible without having to remove the rotor.

There are twelve sizes available in the range covering outputs of 5 - 28.5 kVA with four wire dedicated single phase setup.

Single bearing machines pricing includes a standard SAE 2, 3, 4, or 5 adaptor and coupling disc, please specifiy size required when ordering. SAE 6 and Lister Petter Alpha series adaptors for both heavy and light flywheel options are available at extra cost from the dropdown menu.

  • IP23 enclosure protection is standard.
  • Brushless design.
  • Four Pole 1500rpm
  • Winding options include three phase 12-wire reconnectable to single phase, and 4-wire dedicated single phase.
  • UL compliant.
  • Power factor 0.8 cosφ
  • CE approved.
  • Dynamically balanced rotors
  • Quality sealed bearing for longevity.

Data sheets for the available sizes are available from the links below.

5Kva Data sheet.

6.7Kva Data sheet.

8.4Kva Data sheet.

10.1Kva Data sheet.

11.7Kva Data sheet.

13.6Kva Data sheet.

17Kva Data sheet.

18.7Kva Data sheet.

20.4Kva Data sheet.

23.8Kva Data sheet.

27.2Kva Data sheet.

28.5Kva Data sheet.

Stamford Power Portfolio.

Please note that all Stamford units are manufactured / customised in the UK to order and as such are supplied with approximately an 8-10 week lead time. The standard shipping cost upon checkout applies to mainland UK only, if you are overseas please contact us for a quotation.

We are often asked the question "what size alternator can I couple to my engine?" the following may be of some help.

As a rule of thumb, at 100% efficiency (which is an impossibility), each BHP is 746 Watts, so a 6 HP engine can theoretically develop 4.476 KW. Practically, there are losses in the alternator/generator, belts, bearings, etc. and the net output power is about 2/3 of the theoretical maximum. So figure 1/2 of the BHP is the number of KW you can realistically expect. Generators and alternators should be specified a little over sized as it improves efficiency and allows for motor starting surges etc.

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