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Lister CS Electric Start Conversion Kits

Electric start conversion for a Lister CS engine.

Information and advice for fitting.

Stationary Engine Parts Ltd have been working closely with our Indian associates Anand Enterprise and an independent engineering design consultant to develop a reliable electric start solution for the Lister CS and Listeroid engines.

The result is a strong, well built 12 volt electric start system which is totally independent of the 240 volt alternator fitted to the engine unlike the original Start-O-Matic sets. This has the added benefit of making electric start available to non genuine Lister Start-O-Matic engine owners and genuine Lister engine owners without the Start-O-Matic setup fitted to their engine.

We have carried out rigorous testing of the new components and are pleased to report superb results. The starter motor used is strong enough to turn over single cylinder engines under compression and manages a twin cylinder when decompressed with little extra effort.

The kit of parts required to equip an engine with electric starting will depend upon the engine configuration and manufacturer which will be explained in greater detail shortly. The following list however is all parts which are available and may be required.

12 Volt Starter motor with solenoid.
Adjustable Starter motor mounting bracket (available as either standard left hand or special right hand mounting)
Flywheel ring gear.
Flywheel/s with taper lock bush fitting.
12V automotive style alternator.
Alternator drive belt.
Alternator pulley.
Wiring harness.
Control panel (including ammeter, light and key switch)
Crankshaft with counter balance weights (CBW).
Taper roller bearings (TRB's) & TRB housings.

To understand exactly which parts will be required for your engine type further explanation is required of the different engine balancing configurations. Firstly it must be understood that the electric start kit requires a special flywheel to be fitted to at least one side of the engine, this flywheel carries the ring gear and meshes with the pinion of the starter motor.

This new type flywheel has been purposely designed to accept a large 20” ring gear and be suitable for as many engine types as possible. The diameter of the flywheel is 20” slightly smaller in diameter than the original Lister CS type but thicker in cross section and heavier. The diameter has been reduced to make this flywheel suitable for all engine speeds up to 1000RPM and does not have a balance weight cast into it, this is to cater for the Indian engine variants.

Please read the following sections for each of the engine configurations and apply which explanation suits your engine best.

Old Style Genuine Lister engine with spoked or SOM style flywheels.

This type of CS engine relied upon the balancing for the engine being incorporated into the flywheel. The spoked type of flywheels had an extra lump cast into them which was 180 degrees offset from the crank pin. Look at the picture to the right; you can see in the bottom left corner the flywheel has an extra lump of material cast into the flywheel. This weight is designed to counter balance the weight of the crank pin, con rod, big & little end bearings, Piston and gudgeon pin etc to help smooth out the engine when running.

For those with the Start-O-Matic style of flywheels thinking that yours do not have an extra weight cast into them a clever method was employed to achieve the same effect but by basically reversing the principle. Instead of adding a weight 180 degrees from the crank pin some of the flywheels weight was removed from the same side as the crankpin. Look at the second picture to the right and you will see the flywheel has three holes in it. The two kidney shaped holes cancel each other out and are there purely to provide a handy place to hold the flywheel when mounting it to the engine, for our purposes we can ignore these for now, but looking at the small round hole you can see that because this is in the same position as the crankpin (assuming the engine is in bottom dead centre) it will have the same effect as the method above but has achieved it in a reverse manner.

From this we can deduce that fitting either a single or a pair of new style TLB plain flywheels to the engine is going to alter the engine's balancing and cause problems. There are several solutions to the problem.

1, If you are happy to replace just the one flywheel on the engine to the new TLB type with ring gear then this new flywheel could be mechanically balanced by adding weight in the required area to simulate the spoked type of flywheel method first mentioned. This could be achieved by bolting a weight onto the flywheel or if you have machining facilities a neater solution may be to copy the SOM type mentioned secondly.

2, The second option is to replace both of the flywheels so that the engine looks matched and even but still balance them by adding or removing material to compensate for the weight of the crankpin, piston and con rod etc as explained above.


New Style Indian Lister copy with spoked flywheels and old style crankshaft.

If your engine falls into this category then basically you have the same options as for the previous engine type unless you are really lucky. It may well be worth considering what type of crankshaft main bearings and carriers you have fitted to your engine though before ordering any parts. If you are lucky enough to have taper roller bearings with differing sized bearing carriers already fitted to the engine then you have the option to replace the crankshaft with a counter balanced type and you need not order the bearings and housings as the ones fitted should be suitable for the new crankshaft. If you have the old style bush bearings however you are no better off.

New Style Indian Lister copy with plain flywheels and a balanced crankshaft.

If your engine falls into this category you’re laughing as the job is a lot easier and cheaper to complete. You may well find that if you have 20” flywheels fitted to your engine that your existing flywheel could be drilled and tapped with threads to accept the ring gear meaning you do not need to buy any flywheels at all.

If you do not wish to modify your existing flywheel you could fit either a single or a pair of the new flywheels making the whole affair nothing more than a simple bolting on exercise.

Important points to note.

Stationary Engine Parts Ltd cannot guarantee the exact suitability of the items available for all engine types. India currently has many engine assemblers producing engines with very subtle differences. All development work has been carried out with genuine Lister and our own Paramount / Powerline brands and as such we claim compatibility to these brands only. We will gladly assist any engine owners with other brand engines and supply all sizes and required specifications to help asses the compatibility where possible but cannot be held responsible for incompatible parts with other brands of engines.

How do I order the parts required?

Once you have worked out what parts that are going to be required for your engine configuration please feel free to order online by adding the required items listed below to your basket. Please note that the flywheels are not a stock item and must be pre ordered for delivery on our next available routine import. If you require any further clarification, advice or details regarding the electric start components please do not hesitate to get in touch.


20 Inch Ring Gear
(0 reviews)  

A high quality 20" ring gear manufactured in India by Leyland Ashok.

This ring gear has been sourced specifically for use in our Lister CS electric starting kits but could be used with other engines if deemed suitable.

including VAT
Lister CS Self Start Kit Starter Motor
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For use with the Lister CS electric start mounting bracket these starter motors have been selected with care ensuring they are well made and strong enough to turn the Lister CS type engine over under compression.

Supplied complete with solenoid and a standard 8/10 diametric pitch pinion.
including VAT
Starter Motor Bracket
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This starter motor bracket has been designed from scratch in the UK specifically for Stationary Engine Parts and is very different from any previous bracket produced in India for the CS engine. Whilst India has produced starter motor brackets for the CS engine before they have been castings which have relied upon the bearing carrier studs as a fixing point, this poor practise has led to all manner of failures and problems.

The SEP bracket is very different utilising the crankcase inspection cover studs as its fixing point which has proved to be a much stronger and more reliable solution. We have put a lot of thought into this bracket and have designed it to have the added benefit of a threaded sliding adjustment which enables the accurate mesh alignment of the starter motors pinion with the ring gear. Once the correct position has been reached by adjustment of the jacking bolts the bracket can be securely locked into position by tightening the four bolts.

including VAT

Control Panel & Wiring Harness
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The compact hinged front control box assembly consists of a strong metal box with drilled base for secure bracket fixing, a charging current meter, indicator light, key switch and general wiring.

including VAT
Battery Charging Alternator
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A good quality 12 volt battery charging alternator which has been selected for its reliable performance. The alternator is rated at a maximum output of 43 amps and is supplied with a drive pulley pre mounted and suitable fixing bolts.

including VAT
Lister CS Crankshaft Bearing Carriers
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A cast iron main bearing housing for use with either old style bush bearings or the new style taper roller bearings. Please select the type required from the drop down menu. Please note that neither type have the provision for a felt seal but have been made to accept a more reliable standard 2" rubber oil seal which is also available from the drop down menu.

including VAT

Lister CS Aluminium Bearing Shim
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Quality aluminium bearing shims, available in three thicknesses to allow for the fine adjustment of your Lister CS crankshafts end float. Particularly useful for anyone wishing to convert their genuine Lister engine to the taper roller bearing system as this conversion necessitates the shimming up of the bearing carriers away from the crankcase by approximately 0.020" either side.

Two types are available, small for the old style engines with four mounting studs points on the tear drop shaped bearing carrier and large one for the Indian variants usually found on engines fitted with taper roller bearings using bearing carriers with five mounting stud points.

These shims should ideally be inter spaced between gaskets of the same type made from paper which are supplied in our gull gasket sets or they can be used without paper gaskets if every layer is bonded with a jointing compound such as Heldite.

including VAT

Lister CS Paper Bearing Shim
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Quality oil resistant paper bearing shims, available in two thicknesses to allow for the fine adjustment of your Lister CS crankshafts end float. Particularly useful for anyone wishing to convert their genuine Lister engine to the taper roller bearing system as this conversion necessitates the shimming up of the bearing carriers away from the crankcase by approximately 0.020" either side.
Two types are available, small for the old style engines with four mounting studs points on the tear drop shaped bearing carrier and large for the Indian variants usually found on engines fitted with taper roller bearings using bearing carriers with five mounting stud points.
including VAT

6 Inch Alternator V Belt Pulley
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This pulley is used on the Lister CS water pump kits but for the purpose of the charging alternator on the higher speed 1000rpm engines we have made it available separately.
including VAT
20 Inch Plain Flywheel
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Available by special advance order only, these are not a stock product, please contact us for further details.
A single very heavy and solid plain flywheel which has been cast to our own design and machined to enable the use of our 20" ring gears.
This is a serious flywheel weighing approximately 95-100 kilo's which should help reduce any cyclic irregularities and / or flicker of your Lister CS powered generator set.
including VAT