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Amanco Hired Man Restoration Project
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Amanco Hired Man Restoration Project
Written by David Appleton and Published by Kelsey Media.

Part 1: Looking at some of the varieties and choosing the model
Part 2: Assessing the chosen candidate
Part 3: Starting the strip-down, including removing the key and pulley
Part 4: Removing: Magneto/bracket, ignitor, fuel system , piston/con rod
Part 5: Removing: drain tap, governor weights, first flywheel
Part 6: Strip down completed: main bearing and second flywheel
Part 7: Cleaning cylinder head, cutting dies, scale removal, replacing studs
Part 8: Honing the bore, crankcase clean-up
Part 9: Reviving old paint, preparing for new paint, types of paint
Part 10: Building the trolley
Part 11: Trolley building continued
Part 12: Cleaning more parts and reinstalling the crank and main bearings
Part 13: Camshaft and piston strip-down
Part 14: Repairing and re-installing the piston
Part 15: Stripping down the head
Part 16: Cleaning up and repairing the head, including making gaskets
Part 17: Cleaning/fitting exhaust, preparing push-rod, magneto bracket
Part 18: Detent arm, ignitor striker, front push-rod support
Part 19: Mixer/carburettor strip down, fuel pipe
Part 20: Completing fuel system, sorting/fitting flywheels and drain tap
Part 21: Completing flywheel cleaning and re-fitting
Part 22: Cleaning and refitting the Ignitor
Part 23: Magneto and timing
Part 24: Crank-guard, pulley and final finishing-off
Part 25: Final check over, firing-up and running

A comprehensive soft back book consisting of 94 pages.

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Amanco Stationary Engine Book, The Amanco Stationary Engine Story Book
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Amanco Engines, The Story of Associated Manufacturer's Company Ltd.
Written and Published by David W. Edgington.
Covers all the engines manufacture by and for Amanco including the French connection. Many period adverts are included.
Soft Back with 76 pages.
The Associated Line Water Slide Transfer Decal
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A quality water slide transfer of the Amanco Associated Line.

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