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Amanco Hired Man Restoration Project
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Amanco Hired Man Restoration Project
Written by David Appleton and Published by Kelsey Media.
The Amanco engines are almost certainly the most popular and prolific horizontal stationary engines among enthusiasts in Britain, which is perhaps a little odd because in their country of origin, America, they were comparatively quite obscure. However it came about, they seemed to fit the British farm engine market perfectly, even though British engines themselves were highly regarded world-wide.

The result being; that when Stationary Engine Magazine looked for a horizontal engine for a restoration project, following our previous restorations (Lister D Type, Ruston-Hornsby and Wolseley WD2) the Amanco came straight to the top of the list. David Appleton is a very accomplished and talented restorer and Stationary Engine Magazine were very lucky to be able to persuade him to take on the task (which made him a very brave, accomplished and talented restorer!).

A comprehensive soft back book consisting of 94 pages.

Amanco Stationary Engine Book, The Amanco Stationary Engine Story Book
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Amanco Engines, The Story of Associated Manufacturer's Company Ltd.
Written and Published by David W. Edgington.
Covers all the engines manufacture by and for Amanco including the French connection. Many period adverts are included.
Soft Back with 76 pages.
The Associated Line Water Slide Transfer Decal
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A quality water slide transfer of the Amanco Associated Line.

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