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Plastigauge PLE To Measure 0.030″ to 0.070″

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Plastigauge ® is a precision clearance gauge for the measurement of clearance between fitted surfaces. It is particularly useful for measuring clearances in split bearings or in situations where a feeler gauge cannot be inserted

The most widely used application of Plastigauge ® is in the measurement of clearance in plain automotive bearings.

Plastigauge ® is also highly effective for measuring the clearance in large bearings which include:-

  • Marine drive shaft bearings
  • Stationary Engine bearings
  • Turbine housing bearings
  • Pump and pressure system bearings

Plastigauge ® also lends itself to measuring shaft end-float, flatness and clearance in pipe-flanges and cylinder heads.

Plastigauge ® is particularly effective for the measurement of separation in moulding tools and wherever it is required to determine the separation between hidden surfaces.

The Black packs (PLE) we supply are for measuring clearances between 0.030″ to 0.070″ (0.75mm – 1.75mm). They are supplied in envelopes containing 5 individual gauges.

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