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Paragon Two Pack Etch Primer

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A fast drying, spray quality two pack pigmented etch primer based on PVB resin and zinc tetroxy chromate.

Provides excellent adhesion to steel, zinc, aluminium, galvanised and nickel plated surfaces and other non ferrous metals. Dries to a translucent yellow matt finish.

Can be over coated with a wide range of top coats but works especially well with our range of Paragon Enamels and is essential when painting onto galvanised or nickel plated surfaces.
Can be applied by brush but best results will be achieved by spray when thinned with up to 20% PT3 thinner. best sprayed with a tip size of 1.4mm to 2.0mm with an atomizing pressure of 40-60 PSI.
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Recommended substrate conditions for metal - Degreased, abraded and finally solvent wiped. The surface must be moisture free and application must not be made in conditions of excessively high humidity (above 75% RH)
Mixing instructions - Ratio of base to activator 1:1 by volume. Do not use mixed product after 12 hours post mixing and do not store mixed primer in steel containers. Pot life once mixed 4-6 hours.

Touch dry:- 15 minutes @ 20ºC.
Thinners:- Paragon Synthetic PT3 Thinner
Over coating:- Minimum interval before overcoating is 1 hour but not more than 24 hours. Must be kept dry between coats and if left more than 24 hours should be lightly abraded before use.
Coverage:- 10-12 Square metres per litre.
Film thickness:- DFT.10-15 microns per application
Temp Resistance:- 200ºC.
Storage:- 12 months in original sealed containers when stored between 10-15ºC.
VOC:- 740 grams per litre.

Supplied as a two tin kit comprising of equalt quantities of primer and activator making either 2 or 10 litres of finished product.

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