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Paragon High Build Tinted Undercoat

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Paragon tinted high build undercoat has been specially formulated for use under Paragon enamel top coats and is available in a range of ten standard colours which are complimentery to the vast majority of top coat colours.

Special bespoke tints can be created if a suitable colour from the standard range cannot be found.

Apply the one to two coats to achieve a uniform finish. Allow to fully dry before over coating with top coat. Can be lightly rubbed down between coats to improve the final finish. With ferrous metals loose scale and rust should be removed and a preparatory coat of Paragon Primer applied. For non ferrous metals a preparatory coat of Paragon etch primer should be applied.

  • High build properties.
  • Excellent brush-ability.
  • Brush or spray application.
  • Provides a strong key with good build and scratch filling properties.

Touch dry:- 3 hours, Firm dry:- 16 hours @ 20ºC.
Thinners:- Paragon PT8
Application:- Thin first coat with up to 10% Paragon PT8 if required.
Over coating:-  Primers once touch dry can normally be re-coated at any time. There are however a number of factors, such as film thickness, air temperature, air movement etc that can substantially alter the through dry time so we recommend doing a small test patch before over coating a large area.
Coverage 14 square metres per litre average.
Colour:- Tinted to a range of ten standard colours, bespoke colours upon request.
Storage:- 12 months in original sealed containers.

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