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Owatrol Oil Paint Conditioner

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Owatrol Oil Paint Conditioner & Rust Inhibitor.

Owatrol Oil is a colourless, penetrating and isolating rust inhibitor that has many properties. It may be used in any oil based paints, air drying alkyds, lacquers and varnishes, one component urethanes and asphalt / petroleum based paints. May be mixed with oil based stains/paint to improve the impregnation of wood and aid the protection of metal surfaces (hinges and fittings etc). Suitbale for use on ferrous and non ferrous metals, wood, plastics & glass. Coverage is roughly 18m2/ltr

As a Penetrating rust inhibitor:

  • Stops rust, stabilises & protects the base metal from further rusting by driving out moisture and air and stabilises, whilst penetrating and protecting down to the sound metal.

As an all surface bonding film

  • Provides excellent adhesion including on galvanised, aluminium, zinc & wood, providing the ideal foundation for primers or finishing coats and allowing paint to be applied directly to firm rust.
  • Maintains the natural look of the surface (metal, wood, etc.)
  • Heat resistant up to +175°C

As a paint Conditioner

  • Makes alkyd paint rust inhibiting. To make paint rust inhibiting, mix 25% Owatrol Oil, 75% paint
  • Improves paint flow, workability & viscosity, which can assist with painting in cold, warm or windy conditions. Mix 5-10% Owatrol Oil with paint.
  • Improves hiding power / opacity of paint.

Supplied in 1 litre metal cans with a re-sealable screw cap.

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