CAV & Bryce Type 6mm Fuel Pump Element 7010-562M

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A quality fuel pump element for use on fuel pumps fitted to original Lister CS 3-1 & 3.5-1 and Lister FR1 to FR6 engines using CAV BPF1B-60 or Bryce FBOAB series fuel pumps.

Size:- 6mm LH

Equivalent to PPK1-6Z, 7009-41, B1/6, B1-6, 1418340005, 1418341001, EPPK333P4Z, PPK1-6Z

Lister FR1 Head Gasket P/N 291-20800
Lister FR1 Cylinder Head Shim
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Lister LD, LR & SL Fuel Injection Pump Element 7032-26A or 1-290
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