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Superclean Zero Lead 2005 Lead Replacement Additive

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Superclean Zero Lead 2005 concentrate is a lead free fuel treatment, developed to protect against valve seat recession in 4-stroke engines originally designed to run on leaded petrol.

Superclean Zero Lead 2005 is a carefully balanced blend of potassium based organic compounds that provide enhanced lubricity and wear protection previously attributed to lead based additives. The product does not increase particulate emissions or effect fuel consumption, is catalytic converter friendly and will not contribute to sticking valves or spark plug fouling.

Essential for anyone running a vintage Petrol engine on modern fuel.

Directions for Use:-
Superclean Zero Lead 2005 Concentrate should be added to unleaded petrol at a rate of 1 part to 300 parts fuel on a continuous basis.

It should not be used in conjunction with other fuel additives.

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