Self Regulating Heater Plate

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Lister CS engines running on waste vegetable oil (WVO) will coke up within approximately 100 hours run time unless the oil is pre-heated directly before the injector. This range of Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) self regulating heater plates can act as the solution, ideal because they self regulate in temperature meaning these elements can be operated without the aid of a thermostat or thermal cut-out device.

These can be mounted on an aluminium, pipe clamping block, immediately before the injector on the high pressure fuel line. Either 10V-30V or 110V-240V versions are available. The 240V version will use approximately 80-100W at first and then self regulate down to about 50W to maintain the veg oil in the fuel line at a constant temperature at around 130 C.

It would be easy to incorporate the 10-30V version into the glow plug circuit, switching to the fuel line heater once the glow plug has done its job. Pre-heated fuel will burn much more efficiently, more than adequately compensating for the power needed to run the heating element.

Operating voltages available are 110-240v ac/dc or 12-24v ac/dc (uni-voltage input).
Power, output = Either 70w or 145w, Temperature min: 130°C
Length / Height, external: 75mm by 35mm

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