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Petter Stationary & Marine Oil Engines
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A catalogue of stationary & marine oil engines, electrical generating and pumping units manufactured by Petter Ltd.

First published in 1978, and again in a slightly revised form in 1993 by the late David Edgington, it was a popular publication which soon sold out and it was his express wish that Doreen would eventually get a second reprint of the 1993 edition reprint done. The book is in fact a facsimile of a 1932 catalogue of Petter models and types, and was first published with permission of Petters Limited. The catalogue not only deals with various electrical gen-sets, cement mixers, power-winches and pumping sets driven by different models of Petter engines; S-types, M-types, Atomic, Universal air-cooled and marine, but also includes a couple of interesting chapters on then-current Westland Aircraft built at Yeovil; Westland being under the Petters “umbrella”.

There is a brief dating guide for the more popular models and, towards the rear of the book, many pages of information on oils, fuels, calculations of power needs and ratios and a whole detailed chapter on the patent Petter Calibrater pressure lubricator. Lavishly illustrated with pictures and with diagrams, this descriptive book of 172 pages in A4 format should grace the shelves of, not only most avid Petter engine enthusiasts, but indeed any engine collector – especially those who missed-out in its first print run.

Petter Universal Oil & Petrol Engines
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This booklet of 39 pages, very tastefully reproduced in colour, is a reprint of a 1929 sales catalogue, published by Petters in readiness for the “New Model” oil engine which was to be announced in 1930.

It covers most of all the main unique features of the different sizes of New Model two-stroke engines in the range; the carburettor, the BTH magneto, conversion to or from kerosene operation and so on. It illustrates most examples of New Model types and sizes, and their uses for pumping water, air compressors, hoists and crop sprayers. Naturally lighting sets including the Petter Auto-Light sets are well-catered for because the two-stroke cycle lends itself admirably to such a purpose.

Petter M Type Engines
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Stationary Engine Magazine's publication on Petter M Type engine.
Notes on Petter M engines, rebuilding three M's from a pile of parts, Fitting new bearings, M Type variants etc.
Written and researched by Nigel McBurney.
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Petter Junior Stationary Oil Engine Instruction Manual Booklet 2.5, 5 & 8hp 1922-1931
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Petter Junior stationary oil Engine instruction manual booklet for the 2.5, 5 & 8hp engines dating from 1922 to 1931.
Covers instructions for fixing, starting and working the engines, lubrication, magneto, fuel, fuel pump and has parts diagrams and layout drawings.
24 pages in black and white print.
Petter A Series Instruction Book 1936-46
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Petter air cooled and petrol engine instructions and spare parts list for the A type engines dated 1936 to 1946 covers engines in the 300,000 to 355,000 serial number range, 32 pages.

Petter A Series 2 & 2LTA 1946-51 Instruction Book
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Petter air cooled and petrol/vapourising oil engine instructions and spare parts list for the A type series 2 engines dated 1946 to 1951 covers engines in the 400,000 to 599,999 serial number range, 1.5 to 10HP including twin cylinder versions. 24 pages.

Petter A1, A2, W1, W2 1951 Onwards Instruction Book
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A lovely detailed reprint of the operation and care of Petter petrol and petrol/vaporising oil engines, types A1 and A2 (air cooled), W1 and W2 (water cooled) dated 1951 onwards from serial number 1,500,000 1 to 3HP, 24 pages.

The Story Of Petters Ltd
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A very nice fully illustrated copy of the 1933 book.