Petter AV 80mm Cylinder Liner

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Petter cylinder liners for the well known water cooled Petter AV Diesel engines operating on an 80mm bore diameter.
Petter part numbers JB67, JB68 or 391025
Petter AVA1, AVA2, AV1, AV2, PH1, PH2, PH1W, PH2W Bottom Set
Lister CS 5-1, 6-1 & 8-1 Copper Head Gasket
Petter AV1, AV2, AVA1 & AVA2 Piston Ring Sets
Petter AV1 & AV2 Decoke Gasket Set
Bryce, Petter Fuel Pump Rebuild kit
Petter PH, Bryce 177 Fuel Pump Element 7mm
Petter PH, Bryce 210 & 177 Fuel Pump Delivery Valve
Petter AVA & PH Gear End Crankshaft Oil Seal P/N 251215
Petter AV1, AV2, AVA1 & AVA2 Piston Ring Sets +0.020" Over Size
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