Nickel Plated Oil Cup 1,1/2 x 1/4 BSP

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Good quality nickel plated oil cups.
Body diameter 1,1/2"
Body height 1,1/2"
Thread size 1/4" BSP
The internal wick acts as a self starting capillary syphon and delivers a slow and steady supply of lubricating oil. The wick functions not only as a capillary feed but also as a filter resulting in only clean oil being delivered to the bearing or surface to be lubricated.
The threaded spigot is made from solid hexagonal steel bar and the thread on the end allows it to screw securely up to the hexagonal shoulder, thus forming a locked grip which should not shake loose.
Wolseley WD & Ruston 1,1/2 Hp PB & PT Head Gasket
Petter Universal / M Type Spark Plug
HT Lead Terminal
7mm HT Ignition Lead Cable - Black Hypalon
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