Lister LD2 Top Set

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Non genuine Lister LD2, 2 cylinder engine top end or de-coke gasket set.

Equivalent to Lister Petter P/N 657-10043
Set comprises of the following.
2 x Cylinder head gasket P/N 201-10382
8 x Cylinder head shim P/N 201-12300
2 x Cylinder barrel joint P/N 201-10390
2 x Cylinder head cover joint P/N 201-10510
4 x Rocker bracket joint P/N 201-11901
2 x Valve guide O ring P/N 616-01742
2 x Fuel pump housing joint (top) P/N 201-11413
2 x Fuel pump housing door joint  P/N 201-11581
2 x Injector washer P/N 201-11720
2 x Injector O ring P/N 201-11080
2 x Manifold joint P/N 201-11131
8 x Cylinder head washer P/N 027-00545
2 x Fuel pipe grommet P/N 201-11710
2 x Leak off pipe bush P/N 201-11090
2 x Oil reservoir grommet P/N 201-12951
2 x Drain plug washer P/N 291-30630
The manufacturer recommends that the LD2 is decarbonised after 1000 hours, an exercise that will require the gaskets and joints contained in this top set.
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