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Lister JP, JK & JS Engine Spares

Standard Engine, JP1: Bore / Stroke: 4½" X 5½" • Chrome plated bore on removeable liner • 3 compression and 1 oil control ring.
Ratings: 9bhp @ 1000 rpm - 7.5 bhp @ 850 rpm per cylinder (Ratings increased on JS and JK engines)
Flywheel: (Dia X Face): 26" X 4½ Standard • Pulley Sizes: (Dia X Face): 9", 10", 12" and 14" X 10" (12" X 10" Standard)
Cooling System: Tank - 120 gallons Temperate Climate, 170 gallons Tropical Climate
Cooling System: Radiator - 13 pints Temperate Climate, 16¼ pints Tropical Climate
DRY weights for single cylinder engine: Bare: 1174 lbs • With radiator: 1355 lbs • Tank (without water) 63 lbs
Fixing centres (JP1) 23¾" (width) by 8½" (length) Holes in feet are for ¾" bolts • Overall length of crankshaft 40.125"
Inlet and exhaust port thread sizes: 2" BSP • Water cooling port threads 1½" BSP on removeable flanges.
Lubricating oil viscosity: Below 0° F use SAE 10 • Above 0° F but below 85° F use SAE 20 • Above 85° F use SAE 30.
Crankshaft diameter: 2¾" (69.85mm) Keyway ¼" X ¾" (6.35mm X 19.05mm)
JS engines have positive lubrication for rocker gear, and improved bearings, JK engines have no compression change-over controls.

General Data:-
Oil Pressure to be between 8psi and 15 psi.
Bump Clearance: 0.045" to 0.050"
Piston ring gap to be no less than 0.012" with ring at the bottom of the bore and square to it.
Exhaust Valve to be not less tha 0.012" below cylinder head face. Inlet Valve to be not less tha 0.004" below cylinder head face.
Maximum recessed depth for either valve is 0.100". Valve clearance is 0.008" cold both valves

Injector No: CAV BKB50S507b, Nozzle No: CAV BDL30S46 Pump No (9/1 or JP1 single cylinder only) : CAV BPF1B70BS61, Element No: CAV 7009-43, Delivery Valve No: CAV 7010-188, D/Valve Spring No: CAV 7032-7 Injector setting pressure 9/1 --- 90 atmospheres or 1325 lbs per square inch


Lister JP Rocker Cover Joint P/N 011-03291
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Genuine Lister JP Rocker Cover Joint P/N 011-03291

A commonly required item on older Lister JP engines in need of a rebuild.

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Lister CS, JP, JK, FR, CE & CD Fuel Filter Wick
(2 reviews)  
A quality reproduction of the old type fuel filter wick for use in the standard cast iron fuel filter found on Lister CS, JP, JK, FR, CE and CD engines.
Supplied 60 inch long, complete with a metal nipple for a straight forward swap over.
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Lister 9-1 & JP Cylinder Head Assembly
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Non genuine Lister JP cylinder head assembly.

Complete with valves, guides, springs, carriers and cotters.

Equivalent to Lister P/N 573-10280

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Lister A, B, D, CS & JP Oil Filler Flap Brass Wing Nut
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A Lister brass wing nut for the oil filler flap of all Lister CS and JP Diesel engines and also the Lister A, B and D petrol engines.
Part number 027-00687
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Lister CS & JP Water Flange Gasket Pair
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A pair of good quality die cut water flange gaskets for all Lister CS, JP and Listeroid CS type engines.

Equivalent to Lister P/N 010-02059

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Lister HA4 & JK6 Oil Filter Element P/N 291-40910
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Lister HA4 and JK6 oil filter element.

Lister Petter P/N 291-40910

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