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Lister Domestic Water Pump

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Originally designed by R A Lister of Dursley, the Domestic Pump is a long established “positive displacement” water pumping machine. It was originally designed many years ago specifically to provide fresh water from wells or nearby streams for domestic use. Over the years, it has been used to boost (when placed in tandem) water that needs to be moved upwards over long distances for agriculture, golf courses, or ornamental gardens.

Many thousands have been sold world-wide off the back of its reputation for very long life and reliability. Indeed we are currently providing spares for pumps up to 70 years old. If you need an existing pump servicing or rebuilding please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Various models are available with electric drive or petrol engine drive, or even supplied without a prime mover (Basic Unit) as new or reconditioned on a service exchange basis. We aim to keep a stock of reconditioned units at all times, new units are generally built up to order on a two to three week lead time. If you wish to order a new pump that is showing out of stock please contact us to discuss availability.
Reconditioned units are available on a service exchange basis and are built to an extremely high standard and a subjected to the same test parameters of new units. All the internal components of reconditioned units are replaced with new, only the bare castings are re-used and are fully stripped, sand blasted, NDT crack tested, primed, painted and brought back to "as new" condition before being built up into a working pump. A reconditioned unit not only saves the end user money but is more environmentally sustainable as far less energy and raw materials are used for manufacture.
The body of the machine is constructed mainly from cast iron components and the plunger cups from neoprene or leather. The Pump will suck water from wells as deep as 7 metres (25 ft) and deliver up to a vertical height of 75 metres (250ft) depending on the fitted drive.

A full range of spare parts can be supplied for the Domestic Water Pump. Maintenance is very simple, and the replacement of any wearing parts is at low cost.

Although the Lister Pump was originally designed for fresh domestic water applications, in recent years it has also been used extensively for other functions such as:

  • Large garden water features
  • Farm livestock drinking applications
  • Land irrigation
  • Golf course water management
  • Hotel roof top water reservoirs

All machines are manufactured in the UK from quality parts by experienced fitters.

  • Efficient
    Water is pumped on each forward and each return stroke of the plunger.
  • Smooth and quiet
    Every pump is cushioned by the air reservoir contained in the air chamber. Lubrication is automatic.
  • Strong
    The main body of the pump is cast iron. All moving parts are constructed from long life materials.


Electric Motor:

  • ½HP (0.37kW) Motor
    • 50Hz Single phase 220/240V or 60Hz Single phase 110V
  • 1HP (0.74kW) Motor
    • 50Hz Single Phase 220-240V


  • 3HP four-stroke Briggs and Stratton petrol engine.

Performance - Pump speed is 500rpm


  Output Total Head
  g/hr l/hr Ft M
DEP Basic 250 1140    
DEP Electric 250 1140 150 45
DEP Engine 250 1140 250 75
Note – figures above are for imperial gallons – equivalent to 300US gallons per hour

Approximate Shipping Specification:


Net Weight
Gross Weight
DEP Basic
DEP Electric
DEP Engine

The maximum suction lift including pipe friction is 25ft (7.6m) at sea level. This figure is reduced by 1ft (0.3m) for every 100ft (305m) increase in altitude.

Delivery Pipe:

Minimum pipe bore is ¾" BSP, or 22mm. If the length exceeds 150ft (45m) it may advisable to increase the size. The pipe should be as straight as possible, use long swept bends for changes in direction. The delivery outlet must be arranged for open discharge.

Automatic Electric Installation:

The water level can be maintained by the action of a float switch, which switches the pump motor on if the tank is emptied and off when the tank is full.

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