Lister CS Modifications


Coolant Temperature Gauges
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Clip on pipe thermometers complete with fixing spring.

Covers temperatures from 0 to 120°C displayed on a 66mm steel case and polished bezel. Ideal for fixing to an engines coolant pipes either entering or exiting the engine, with the use of two you can get an accurate idea of both the inlet and outlet temp at any one time just by glancing at the gauge.

Supplied complete with a fixing spring which adjusts for a wide range of pipe diameters.

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Lister CS Single Cylinder Oil Filter Kit
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An inline oil filter kit supplied with a screw on oil filter to enable you to have fully filtered oil after the oil pump on your Lister CS or Listeroid single cylinder engine.

Simply remove your existing single steel / copper pipe and replace it with this new kit of parts. Not suitable for radiator cooled engines as the drive pulley to the radiator fan will prevent sufficient clearance to fit the filter kit.

Spare filter cartridges are also available separately from the drop down menu for this product.

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Lister CS Thermostat Kit
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A kit of parts to enable thermostatic control of the water temperature on single cylinder Lister CS and Listeroid engines.

Increases the longevity of the engine and reduces wear by helping the engine reach optimal operating temperature quickly upon a cold start-up and maintains a constant temperature for efficient fuel consumption.

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Lister CS Glow Plug Conversion Kit
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A glow plug modification kit suitable for use on all of the Lister CS type of diesel engines, please click on this product for further details in the expanded description view.

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Self Regulating Fuel Line Pre-Heater Plate
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The DBK HP range of Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) self regulating heaters have been designed to offer a wide choice of power outputs within a compact series of aluminium profiles.

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