Lister CS Glow Plug Kit

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This bung assembly replaces the conventional compression change over valve found fitted to most original Lister engines (except the 8-1 & 16-2 which uses same bung without the glow plug fitted) The result is that the compression ratio is set half way between what would have been achievable with your replaced valve either wound fully in or fully out.

This glow plug kit is used to make it easier for to start your engine in very cold conditions or when running engines on vegetable oil or any other from of bio/alternative fuel.

The bung assembly is a professionally machined product and has been manufactured to be compatible with both Listeroid engines and genuine British built Lister CS engines.

You will need to rig up a 12V DC power supply to be applied for a few seconds before starting, once started the power can be left on for a very short period of time to help the combustion process however prolonged or continual use of the glow plug will lead to premature failure.

Two types of replacement glow plugs are available from the drop down menu and can be purchased separately from the bung assembly. Please note that in the 7 years we have been making these we have changed from using an NGK plug to more recently using a Bosch plug. Before ordering a replacement plug please check to see which type you require for your bung assembly as the two types are not backward compatible.
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