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L Profile Poly V Pulleys (8 rib)

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Solid and very heavy, L profile, 8 groove poly V pulleys for use with a taper lock bush. We have several sizes available from 10.25" up to 13" diameter with either 32mm, 38mm, 42mm or 48mm taper lock bushes (other size pulleys and bushes may be available by special order).
The 10.25" weighs in at 21KG's and the 13" pulley weighs in at a massive 32KG's. Not only are these a good pulley but they double up as a serious flywheel too, adding to the smoothness of your power generation. Machined from one solid lump of material with adding as much weight as possible in mind. A minimum of 2,3/4" or 70mm of shaft length is required to mount any of these pulleys.
You can see from the following series of three pictures how the general setup can be put together to effect a neat and efficient power transmission solution for a CS engine and alternator.

The first picture shows the bare pulley that has been mounted onto the alternator shaft using the taper lock bush system and it also shows the plain face of the engines flywheel the belt is going to be driven from. Both the pulley and the flywheel require good alignment to ensure the belt runs true and remains in line.

This second picture on the left shows the belt running on the engines flywheel face and alignment is maintained by the grooves of the pulley on the alternator. Whilst it is not necesary to have series of grooves cut into the flywheel face it is still essential to have some degree of good alignment, a belt will always find its happy running position so if the engine and alternator are not aligned fairly well your belt will simply slide off the flyweheel face when running.

This last picture shows a closer view of the poly V belt mounted onto the pulley at the alternator end. We hope to add other sizes in the future so if you need a size not listed please do let us know.