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Lister D, DK & F Type Transfers
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A transfer set suitable for use on Lister D, DK and F type engines.

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Lister D Stationary Engine Restoration Book - Lister D Engine Rebuild Guide
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An easy-to-follow, step-by-step, DIY guide to rebuilding the ever popular Lister D type stationary engine.
Includes buying guides, trouble shooting, detailed pictures, hints and tips and essential information.
Mostly in colour, comprised of 66 pages, very comprehensive.
Covers every aspect involved in overhauling a Lister D type engine and preparing it for the rally field.
The Lister D Story
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David Edgington’s latest book is the result of a 25 year study of the Lister D type. Researching this book involved the checking of 160,000 engine details in Lister’s old factory records, working with ex-employees, trawling through specification sheets and contacting enthusiasts worldwide.
54 pages, colour and black & white.

Overhauling A Lister D
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A high quality professional reprint of the "Overhauling Lister D & DK type engines" booklet.

An essential source of information for anyone considering an overhaul of a Lister D or DK type engine.

This booklet covers the following topics:-
General Notes & Engine Specifications
Cylinder Head Removal & Replacement
Valves, Valve Grinding & Valve Guides
Connecting Rod, Piston & Piston Rings
Timing & Magneto
Carburetor & Paraffin for the DK model

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Lister D/DK Instruction Book & Spare Parts List
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A reprint of the instruction book and spare parts list for the Lister D and DK type petrol & vapourising oil engines.
Lister D Type Instruction Book
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A reprint of the instruction book for the early Lister D type engine 1925-35 with a shaft driven magneto.

Know Your Lister F Type Engines
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A comprehensive booklet covering the history, development and types. The newcomer to the world of old stationary engines is often mystified by an odd looking Lister D type, with strange external features and a fast running speed—it doesn’t even sound like a D type! This is how most enthusiasts are introduced the mysterious F type. 12 pages,