20 Inch Ring Gear

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A high quality 20" ring gear manufactured in India by Leyland Ashok.

This ring gear has been sourced specifically for use in our Lister CS electric starting kits but could be used with other engines if deemed suitable.

These ring gears are supplied pre drilled for bolt fixing to the flywheel rim and conforms to the following specifications:-

Outside diameter = 509.88 ± 0.20mm.
Inside diameter = 444.52 ± 0.10mm.
Thickness = 22.22 ± 0.20mm.
Number of teeth = 159
Pressure angle = 20º
Diametric pitch = 8/10
Whole tooth depth = 5.72
Surface hardness = 45 to 55 HRC at PCD.
Material = C50
Hole PCD = 460.5mm on face.
Hole ID = 10.5 mm on face.
No. of holes = 12, on face.

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